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Go Loco for Loco Moco!

By November 13, 2018 Blog

If you’ve been to Noble House Hawaiian in Wichita KS, then you know they have a wide variety of authentic Hawaiian cuisine. While scanning the menu you may have also noticed a traditional dish with a non traditional name, it’s time to check out the hearty Hawaiian dish, Loco Moco!

The Legend of Loco Moco

Legend has it that Loco Moco was first created in 1949 at the Lincoln Grill restaurant in Hilo, Hawaii by Richard Inouye and his wife Nancy. The local sports club, the Lincoln Wreckers came to Richard and his wife and wanted something different than the ordinary sandwich. They wanted something inexpensive but yet something that could be quickly prepared and served. It also had to be hearty to satisfy their appetite. So Richard and his wife took white rice and topped it with a hamburger patty, brown gravy and later on added two fried eggs. The teenagers were so happy they named the dish Loco Moco after one of their members, George Okimoto, whose nickname was “Crazy”. George Takahashi, another of the teens, is actually credited with naming it, using the word “Loco” which is Spanish for crazy and “Moco” because it rhymed with loco and “sounded cool”.

Since those days Loco Moco has exploded in popularity, both on the islands where it’s a regular staple with the lunch crowd, and on the mainland where it’s spread to many of the Hawaiian restaurants across the nation. There are many variations using different combinations of proteins but at it’s heart it’s still rice, hamburger, gravy and fried egg. It’s been featured on Girl Meets Hawaii, Man v. Food  and Man Finds Food on the Travel Channel, as well as Diners, Drive Ins and Dives on Food Network.

Loco Moco has Invaded Wichita KS

As we’ve mentioned, you can get your own taste of Loco Moco right here in Wichita KS at Noble House Hawaiian, where Chef Akamu serves up several delicious varieties. The normal version starts out with the steamed rice, and is then topped with either two hamburger patties (one if you get the mini) or fried spam, brown gravy and topped with fried eggs. You can also order it “50 / 50” and get one hamburger patty and two pieces of fried spam to have the best of both worlds. Finally you can also order it with fried rice, which Chef recommends as the ultimate way to experience this king of Hawaiian comfort food. And as always, no matter what variety you try, it all comes with a side of macaroni salad.

Noble House Hawaiian is located in the College Hill neighborhood of Wichita KS near the intersection of Douglas and Hillside. Their menu features a plethora of Hawaiian favorites such as teriyaki steak, huli huli chicken, and chicken katsu as well as a wide variety of Poke. Come to Noble House Hawaiian and “Share the Aloha”. Try the Loco Moco and find out why so many people are going “Loco” for Loco Moco!